Build your own access control using your personnal Google account


Use your existing Google account (Facebook, Twitter, github, ... are coming) directly to your entry door, garage or portal.

Merge all your access controls (hardware and software) to one. We provide you the possibility to drive doors, fences, portals using your existing authentication system. Use your mobile phone as a remote control, install standard hardware to drive your access control.

Build your own

Download our instructions, buy your own needed hardware and start using our technology.

Easy to configure

Use only one time our wizard. Nothing else, no ssh, no configuration file to edit by hand...

Bluetooth connection or QRCode

Poximity is the best security. Each smartphone has bluetooth builtin, so everyone can use it. You can also use QRCode like you do in the airport with your flight registration !

Based on standard secured protocol

There nothing to prove : OAuth2 is the best authentication protocol and the most use on the internet. Use this protocol for your own access control.

Free Download and installation instructions, applications and source code

All software will be open source to prove the security of the global system.

Download Now! View tutorial Open configuration wizard

Help us !

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